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24 May 2016 @ 01:01 pm
Soonyoung asks Herin, a culinary major living across him, to teach him how to cook a simple meal.

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26 April 2016 @ 03:54 pm
*i literally haven't written anything in two years so this is what i only came up with i'm sorry in advance
*loosely based on alessia cara's here
*also a warning: frequent mention of the word "ass" because why the fuck not

Minghao doesn’t even know what the fuck his friends were up to when they decided to drag him to some fancy club on a Wednesday night because who in their right mind would go out and party their broke college asses in the middle of the week in hopes of getting laid (and maybe acquiring a new sugar daddy to support their never ending college fees)? Definitely not him. So he puts on his best resting bitch face to show how much he dislikes being in a room full of sweaty people reeking of alcohol and sex. Maybe if he maintains his cold demeanor his friends will let him off the hook—and maybe allow him to go home. But it’s not what happens, much to his dismay. His friends seem to have mastered the art of ignorance and decided to ignore him for the rest of the night. And without even sparing them a single thought, Minghao makes a beeline to the emptiest part of the club: the bar.

I’m sorry if I seem uninterested
Or I’m not listenin’ or I’m indifferent

Minghao tried. He really to blend in to his surroundings so no one would see or spare a glance at him. But alas, luck wasn’t on his side tonight. He feels the cold dread running through his veins when he accidentally makes eye contact with a guy (who looks fucking hot by the way, but he’s Minghao, so he doesn’t let it show). The guy, clad in a low cut shirt and ripped jeans—the typical club outfit—walks in long strides, and the smirk on his face seems to grow larger as he nears Minghao.

Before the guy could even make a move on him, Minghao waves him off and tries to appear very disinterested. But the guy wouldn’t budge, so Minghao quietly fumes and snaps at the stranger, “What the fuck do you want,” the guy seems to get the message, so he backs off as fast as he came. Minghao grins in victory, then sighs again. He still got at least three hours before he starts dragging each of his friends’ asses back home. This is going to be a long night.

Truly, I ain’t got no business here
But since my friends are here
I just came to kick it

“Uh sir, do you want a refill for your glass? You’ve been staring at it for a while, you know.” the barista, who goes by the name Mingyu, asks cautiously. He’s concerned at the boy who is currently staring off to space and looking intently at his empty glass. The boy probably hadn’t heard him, so he repeats his question with an “ehem”. Thankfully, Minghao snaps out of his daze and looks at the barista with glazed eyes. “What?”

Mingyu smiles and kindly repeats his question again. “I said, would you like a refill for your glass? You’ve been staring at it for a while.” Minghao immediately flushes. “I’m sorry for zoning out, and yes please.” He’s thankful when Mingyu flashes a polite smile and goes to get his refill. He comes back after a minute, bringing Minghao’s smoothie with him. Said boy accepts it with a grateful smile and happily sips his drink. Mingyu thinks the boy needs someone to talk to, so he lingers a bit to chat with him.

“What’s your name?” Mingyu asks. Minghao blinks and says “I’m Minghao.” Mingyu’s eyebrows raise. “You’re Chinese, then? Ah, stupid question. Of course you are. What brings you here on a Wednesday night? Guys your age are rarely seen clubbing in the middle of the week, you know. Assuming that you’re in college.” Minghao chuckles bitterly. “I am in college. I got dragged here by my stupid ignorant friends who dumped my ass the moment we got here.”

Mingyu laughs, and Minghao internally cringes at the sound coming out of this giant man. Laughing doesn’t suit him, he thinks.

“I’d say enjoy your night but you obviously aren’t so I’ll just say good luck.” Mingyu winks before ducking inside the employee’s room. Minghao deflates and checks his phone for the time.
Two more hours and I can finally go home.

But really I would rather be at home all by myself not in this room
With people who don’t even care about my well-being

After finishing his drink, Minghao decides he should at least go to the dance floor and enjoy, which would be impossible since he hates clubbing but he thinks he should give it a try. He arrives just in time to the song to change from EDM to some R&B music. He grins widely, he loves dancing to some slow tunes.

Five minutes turn into half an hour and soon Minghao finds himself getting deeply immersed with the music. He’s starting to think clubs can be his thing but the DJ just had to switch songs post-beat drop and suddenly, girls gravitated toward him and started grinding their asses against him. His mood immediately dampens, so he pushes the girls away from him and goes back to his spot in the bar. He feels sweat all over him, making his clothes cling a bit to his body. He takes a deep breath and loudly asks for a one shot.

I’ll be here, somewhere in the corner under clouds of marijuana
With this boy who’s hollering I can hardly hear

Minghao thought drinking a few shots would calm his nerves and get him back in the mood, but then a boy suddenly seats himself two seats away from him and starts to smoke pot. Alcohol, he could take, but people who smoke pot he can’t. So he stays rooted in his spot with nowhere else to go since the bar is staring to get packed with more people. Minghao sighs for the nth time. One more hour in this hellhole.

Excuse me if I seem a little unimpressed with this
An anti-social pessimist but usually I don’t mess with this
And I know you only mean the best
And your intentions aren’t to bother me

Should I just ditch their drunk asses and leave them to fend for themselves? But that would that make me? A bad friend? But really, if there’s anyone to call bad here it would be my friends. How dare they leave me after forcibly taking me from my sanctuary? I really should get me some new friends if I don’t want to experience this kind of torture in the future. But finding new friends mean back to square one, right? I’m awkward as hell and I’m anti-social. Add up introvert in the list. Fuck, I’m screwed. I’ll be spending my whole college life rotting away in this club at least once a week. I need—

“You.” Huh? Who needs me?

“Hey, hello?” Another barista appears across Minghao, waving his hands in front of the yet again dazed boy like a madman. The barista scratches his head in frustration when he receives no response or whatsoever from the other male. Not even a slight nod of the head. Coming up with nothing but stupid ways to zap the other back to reality, the barista proceeds to yelling in Minghao’s face. “YO WHAT’S UP MAN, YOU GOOD?”

It startled Minghao, to the extent where he unceremoniously falls out of his chair and lands on his ass. A shrill cry comes out of Minghao’s lips, which erupted laughter from the barista across him and staring at him like crazy. “What the hell was that for?!” came Minghao’s reply as he stands up and rubs his sore behind. The barista grins and pointedly ignores the glare directed to him. “It’s for you, I guess?”

Minghao rolls his eyes. “I asked what not who.” This earns him another laugh from the barista. “You’re snarky, I like it.” the barista licks his lips for emphasis which in return, earned him a painful smack on the arm by Minghao. The barista doubles over and howls in pain, and Minghao guffaws at the sight, momentarily forgetting the question at hand in the first place. He quickly composes himself and asks again. “What was that for?” the barista clicks his tongue and defeatedly replies. “I should be asking you that, but since you’re persistent, fine. You were literally zoning out again it’s a sight to see. But seeing that I am a nice person, I decided to snap you out of it.”

Minghao barely catches everything the guy said so he asks, “Again?” the barista’s shoulders seem to sag a bit. “You want me to repeat everything? Okay. I said—“ Minghao cuts him off. “No! I’m asking why you said I was zoning out again. You didn’t see me the first time, did you? I remember talking to that Ming guy or something but it’s definitely not you.” The barista sighs. “His name is Mingyu,” he puts a hand up to stop him from talking when Minghao says Right, that’s him. “And he’s the one who told me to go out and talk to you here since he said you weren’t having a good time tonight.” Minghao’s mouth makes on ‘o’. “Well, tell him I don’t need company since I only have about an hour before I leave anyway.”

The barista, Junhui, (Minghao risked a peek at the barista’s shirt’s breast pocket for his name) seems to take it the positive way when Minghao told him that. “Plenty more time to chat then, right?” he wiggles his eyebrows and Minghao blatantly leans a meter away from Junhui because what the fuck, that’s disgustingly cute. Minghao feels like punching a wall to make him feel like a man again after seeing the cute sight that is Junhui. Junhui, on the other hand, seems to not notice Minghao’s inner turmoil and instead smiles dazzlingly at the guy across him, still oblivious to how Minghao’s face flushed red face. “Right,” is the only reply that comes out from Minghao, since his stomach just dropped and is busy doing b-boying skills the moment he saw barista Junhui’s smile.


Turns out chatting with Junhui would make you forget the time and soon Minghao finds himself outside the club with Junhui, huffing in the cold October air, his friends nowhere to be found. About his friends whereabouts, Minghao doesn’t give a single fuck anymore, because the moment he lifted his eyes to look at the barista across him with the time-stopping smile and infectious laugh, the only thought that ran through his head was I’m here, I’m glad my friends dragged me here tonight.

another a/n:

*this is for ysabelle lmao you fucker I wanted to make this a sequel but my brain is tired maybe next time

*this is a ton of shit i didn't even make them make out or anything i suck pls forgive

*this is my first time writing a non-ship since i personally don't ship junhao but they cute tbh

*sorry for the limited junhao i just